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Happy Thanksgiving! Well I may be a couple days late, but I was busy stuffing my face with pie. Hope you had a day filled with family, friends, and food! My parents came down to visit me for the first time here in Charlotte so I had to bring out the southern hostess in me. I was throwing around the “ya’lls” and the pecan pie like it was my job. Some of you may still have leftovers, especially if you got one of those gigantic turkeys that weighs more than a large toddler. So here is a recipe that I whipped up today for a Turkey Salad Sandwich. It can’t get much easier.

This recipe is less measuring and more just searching your fridge. Here is what I pulled out of my fridge to throw in the bowl.

Shredded turkey
Pecans (or walnuts)
Lemon juice to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

You can also top it with some left over cranberry sauce or dijon mustard!



Two for Tuesday (with a twist) :: Thanksgiving Tablescapes



Happy almost “Turkey Day”!!  Who all is hosting Thanksgiving at their home this year?  If you’re anything like me, you get excited every year to come up with new ideas to make your table and home decor different from years past.  Some great resources well of course google, pinterest, and my old pal Martha Stewart!



Here are some concepts that we are playing around with…




Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table

::  Martha Stewart ::



    :: Martha Stewart ::



:: Eddie Ross ::


:: google ::


:: Pizzazzerie ::


:: pinterest ::




Traditional or contempory…any design can work…just put your own spin on it!



How are you decorating your table this year for Thanksgiving??