Charlotte Wedding Planner :: Wedding Welcome Bags

There is no better way to welcome guests to your wedding weekend than with a little piece of your personalities all wrapped up!  A trend that more and more couples are following today is providing welcome bags in each guest’s hotel room. It’s a nice way to let them know how excited you are to have them at your special day! So let’s talk about what goes into that clever little chinch…

1. A versatile vessel – All that cool stuff needs a home, so pick a bag that goes with your theme, colors, or personalities. Maybe you’re the clean and sleek kind of couple, then go with a solid and modern shape. If you’re the traditional kind, grab a bag with fun florals or maybe a canvas tote you personalized your self!

2. Toss in some edibles – What are your and your future hubby’s favorite snacks? Throw in some treats that your guests can identity with you! Love those old fashion coke bottles? Getting married in New Jersey like me? Include some salt water taffy. Think about your location and what kinds of things it is known for!

3. Pampering products – After a long night of dancing in heels and throwing back some champagne, there’s nothing more that I want than an aspirin and a bottle of water in the morning! Make sure you provide items that traveling guests may not have thought of. Aunt Lisa spill some wine on her new dress? She has a handy Tide Stain Stick in her welcome bag!

4. The Big Event – Provide guests with a timeline fore the weekend’s events. Include info on the rehearsal dinner for all that are involved and make sure guets know where and when they have some place to be! If you’re doing a brunch or luncheon that day after, make sure all your family and friends know the location. We don’t want that crazy college buddy walking into the ceremony 30 minutes late…

5. Play tour tuide – No one knows the area better than you! If you’re doing a destination wedding, make sure to scout out the area so you can provide guests with a map of local attractions, restaurants, drug stores, and any other place you think they may want to venture during their down time.

6. Thank You note – Your guests know how much you love them, but it’s always nice to hear it! Include a thoughtful Thank You card letting them know how much their presence at your special day means you. Make sure you also use this space to describe any sentimental meanings or stories behind the contents of the bag. Did you include your Grandma’s homemade jam? Let them know about all the love you poured into that little jar.



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