Charlotte Wedding Planner :: Ombre Wedding Cake

As  mentioned in my intern biography, I have a serious love for all things neon and anything involving mason jars. Well my friends, I have one more wedding trend to add to my obsession list: Ombre. I love ombre dresses, ombre curtains, ombre hair, OMBRE WEDDING CAKES! This new trend has me drooling over these mouth watering creations.

Maybe you are not the typical white wedding cake kind of bride…want to try something new? OMBRE, my friends! Having a cake that infuses your color palate with a splash of modern fun, is a great way to incorporate a little bit your personality in the other-whys traditional cake! Whether it’s the inside of the cake or the decorative exterior, you can’t go wrong with this chic trend. Check out some of my inspiration pictures below. Maybe they will have you screaming, “GIVE ME MORE OMBRE!”…just like I am.


Your ombre queen…Laura


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