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It’s time again to showcase one of our vendors. If you follow us you would have seen a gorgeous fall wedding at the Duke Mansion shot by Katy Cook Photography. She also captured “debut” of Baby Grayson.


Katy’s work certainly speaks for itself!


Katy is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Western, NC. She has traveled as far as Ireland to document weddings and has won awards for her child photography. She opened a natural light studio in 2010 and continues to work abroad. Katy is married with 3 boys and a strong advocate for adoption.


What made you get into the Photography Industry?
I fell in to the industry, really… 9 years ago. I began taking pictures of my friends kids at work and it snow balled in to a business – weddings came soon after. When my oldest son was 2, I quit the corporate world and went full time with photography. I’ve grown and learned a lot about this business over the years….  


What makes your style different from the rest?
I try to approach each wedding with an open attitude. The couple, the setting and even details like the dress can set the tone for how I might “document” the day. My main focus is to capture the emotions and love between the couple.


Do you have a favorite “style” to shoot? I love shooting wide-open with natural light. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a style, but, it is my favorite “way” of shooting.  


What is the best advice you can give a bride for her photos on her wedding day?

Truthfully, to relax and leave everything to me. The more trusting and relaxed the bride – the more it comes across in her images.  


Do you have a favorite time of the year to shoot weddings? Why?
I love shooting in the fall. There is an amazing golden light and the weather/colors are amazing. I’m partial as a fall bride myself.








Wanna see more…you can find Katy on facebook…or go right to her website and blog!





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