Vendor Spotlight :: Indigo Photography


If you’ve seen our galleries on Hall & Webb you’ve noticed that Indigo has shot quite a few Hall & Webb Weddings.  We love working with the dynamic team that is Indigo Photography.  They capture the emotion of each and every wedding and event they shoot!


Indigo Photography is owned by photographers Andy Chen, Jay Weinmiller & Stephanie Pulliam. We are Charlotte based wedding photographers photographing weddings & events all over with a modern, fresh, edgy style.


Where do you get inspiration from?


Andy- I get my inspiration from my partners, Jay & Stephanie. We try to push each other creatively here at our little shop.

Jay-The inspiration comes from the client. Their excitement ignites my own creative energy to seek out a new perspective that reflects each couple.

Steph- What Jay said. J/k 🙂 My inspiration comes simply from my love of art. Whether its a painting or an amazing photograph.


With all of the craziness that goes along with your career, how do you unwind?


Jay- Time w/ my family; riding my motorcycle, shooting pool & having a brew w/ the guys.
What would you tell a younger you who was just starting out in this business?


Andy- I don’t know what I’d tell a younger version of me but I know what I’d tell an art school major in college….You better love this more than you love anything, or you’re not going to make it. If you love what you do, your business, your life, and your own state of mind will all fall into place.


What are 3 favorite things in life that you couldn’t live without?


Steph -One of my most favorite things is the randomness of my life…that each day is different. I absolutely love my job & the freedom that comes with it. Oh and high heels & good wine 🙂


Take a minute to check out their blog…tell ’em Hall & Webb sent you!


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