Two for Tuesday :: Go out to eat!


In the words of Will Smith…Summa, Summa, Summa Time…and boy are we in FULL swing!  I know that in the south it’s hot and humid, but I don’t think in all my years of living here has it been this hot so early in the season…what’s August going to look like?!  At least it starts to cool off around 7:30 at night, PERFECT time to go a sit on a nice patio and enjoy dinner and a glass of wine.  Here are a few of our favorite Charlotte Patios…


Nolan Kitchen ::  2839 Selwyn Ave


Always a perfect ambiance and they have great specials! You’ve got to have the Zucchini chips!


Vivace :: 1100 Metropolitan Ave. Building E, Suite 100


Every Thursday night, the Metropolitan  area hosts MetLive great music and specials!


Intermezzo ::  1427 E. 10th Street


A great local spot…good food and good times!



300 East :: 300 East Blvd


Although it’s a little small…it’s still makes out list!  This is a great local restaurant int he Dilworth neighborhood.



So here are ours…what are yours??






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