Fashion Friday :: Tan Towels


What a great day to talk about getting a tan, when it’s 60 degrees and raining (boo!)  Last week was my (Hall) birthday and I wanted to loss 10 pounds and have a tan…well, I accomplished 1 of the 2.  My sister turned me on to tan towels, I was a little iffy at first until I saw the results!  I even turned my girlfriend and her girlfriends on to them!



Of course with any product, there are always some pro’s and con’s…




:: You start to see results within 30 mins and 4 hrs later your tan!

:: 1 fullbody tan towel really last long enough to cover your body

:: The smell is minimal

:: You can apply the tan towel and once you’re done, you can get dressed and go…no waiting around for stinky lotion to dry!




:: Although you start to see the tan within 30 min and fully in 4 hrs, you can also see the bare spots that you missed!

:: Be sure to apply the tan towel in a well lit place, a room with lots of sun or one that has lots of lights.

:: After applying the tan towel you aren’t supposed to wash or use lotion for 4 hrs.

:: Once you’ve stopped using them, the fading isn’t great…I’m a little spotty in some places.


If you’re interested in purchasing them…you can get them locally at Ulta or if you don’t mind waiting a few days, the best deal I found was on HSN…8 towels for $25.  I would recommended the “Classic Full Body Towel”, like I said,  it will cover your whole body…if you’re just looking to do your legs or arms they do make “Half Body Towel”.


Let me know what yall think!





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