Motivational Monday :: Wedding Dress Workout


Okay ladies (and gentlemen) we know as soon as we get engaged the sweet treats, pizza, and beer starts to stop and the workouts pick-up!   We all want to look our best on our Wedding Day!  We found a great article here, that has great tips on body-sculpting work outs, to help you look (and feel) your best on your wedding day.


These exercises can all be done at home with free weights or at the gym…happy exercising!


Article by Erin Hicks  of fitbie


Dress Type :: Strapless


Focus on:  Shoulders, triceps, upper chest, back, and biceps


The workout:  Work on your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders in that order. Pick one or two exercises for each body part. Then repeat.


Suggested Exercises:

Shoulders: military presslateral raisefront raise 
Triceps: triceps kickbackbench dip,triceps extension
Core: plank, side plank with dip,Superman
Chest: pushup, Swiss-ball dumbbell fly 
Back: bent-over rowlat pulldownseated cable row



Dress Type :: Empire Waist


Focus on: Shoulders and arms


The workout: Do 20 to 30 minutes on the elliptical. “This tones the arms and also will slim you down,” said Burron. Mix up cardio with a strength-training workout. This body-weight arms workout will get you toned and lean in your upper body, and fit all over.



Dress Type :: A-line or Princess


Focus on: Core


The workout: Cinch your waist (and reveal your abs for the honeymoon) with this incredible tummy-toning workout.



Dress Type :: Sheath


Focus on: Glutes


The workout: To work on the glutes, make sure you’re doing plenty of lunges, squats, and lifts. Need a new routine? Firm your rear and tighten your abs with these 10 moves to help sculpt your booty.



Dress Type :: Cocktail Length


Focus on: Calves, quads, and hamstrings


The workout: This expert-designed women’s workout challenges your calves, hips, glutes, and thighs. Even better, you can do the whole workout in just 15 minutes.


For more great advice be sure to check out their website…fitbie.



Have a great Monday!





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