Give Thanks Thursday :: J. Majors

We all know that the first thing that a bride wants to do, right after she gets engaged, is try on wedding dresses! This can be both exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time.  That’s why we wanted to give a huge shout-out to the wonderful ladies at J. Majors. Speaking from experience (Hall), I personally loved shopping at J. Majors for “the dress”. CJ and her team made the process seamless and fun!  We look forward to seeing you ladies soon!

What made you get into the Wedding Fashion Industry?

A friend was getting married and we traveled everywhere looking for gowns. We found either service was wonderful but the quality of gown was mediocre or the gown quality was fantastic and the service was poor. We decided that we needed to provide a company with fantastic quality with exceptional customer service.

How did you choose your name “J Majors?”

It was a pre-existing business that my partner and I bought into and thought the name needed to stay the same because of the long history the company already had in Charlotte.

What makes your boutique stand out? 

Customer service is our number one goal. We try to provide couture service for our couture gowns for people who spend $600 or $6000. It doesn’t matter the amount spent, it’s about the experience.

What is the BEST advice you give a bride when she is first trying on dresses?

Stay open to different silhouettes and don’t feel pressured by family and friends to love a particular gown. Brides need to go with what they envisioned for themselves and what makes them feel the best!

We’ve borrowed a few pictures from their blog


(above Watters & Watters) ** They are having a truck sale this weekend**


(above Melissa Sweet Bridesmaids dresses)

Be sure to check out the latest here!

Have you been to J. Majors yet??


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