Flowers :: April


Holy Cow…where the heck did March go..yes, I know we still have one more day, but still?!  As the old saying goes, April Showers brings May Flowers …it better with all this dang rain…sheesh!


With the help of Flower-Dictionary here is a list of the best flowers to use at a wedding or event in April. (visit their website for the full article)

“April means spring, spring means flowers. There is a plethora of flowers popping up or waiting to pop up at this time. The key is to know which to use for April wedding flowers….”


“…April wedding flowers are all about colors. There is the traditional flower for this month which is daises. There is quite the variety of colors that daises offer, but, this is just the beginning there are also: Lavendar, Roses, Gardenia, Lilacs, Daffodils, Orchids, Hyacinth, Peonies, Anemones, and Love in the mist. That barely scratches the surface of April wedding flowers, there are countless flowers that just keep coming into season as the month goes on…”


“…One thing to take into consideration is price though…because the selection of flowers gets wider and wider, you can get lost with all the flowers you want, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you don’t have a budget* outlined before you start…. ”


*HW note…this is something that your wedding planner can help you develop and keep you on track…if you are struggling, lean on the person that knows best!


Now onto some beautiful and COLORFUL Spring floral arrangements…


via Wedding Flowers


via Bridal Buds


via Calluna Events


via Hitched Up


via The Beauty Bridal


via Hall & Webb photo by Whitebox Weddings



So…lets here is, what your favorite April flower?







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