Motivational Monday :: Marriage Advice


Some of you may be still Newlyweds…which I (Hall) consider to be the first 2 years of your marriage.  The first year you’re transitioning into living with your new husband/wife, you join bank accounts (scary) and you really discover each others ‘ins and outs’…in the 2nd year of marriage, you are now comfortable with living with your now husband/wife, you’ve sorta worked out the the joint accounts (still scary) and you can finish each other sentences, know how he/she takes their coffee and you’ve figured out what TV shows you both enjoy (or he watches because he loves you!).


For all your Newlyweds and Happily Married Couples out there here are a few Keys to a Successful Marriage (full article can be found here)


:: Communicate To Connect

“…of all of the words within the English dictionary, three words stand out as becoming the most indispensable phrases to make your marriage function, “I Love You”….”


:: Give Respect First

“… A romantic relationship with out respect is a romantic relationship not worth having. You have to give respect before you can get it as they always say…”


:: Make Time for each Other

“… Set at least twenty minutes each day for your spouse. Sit on the couch or bed to share a second, and sometimes you can even go on a date. Share your triumphs, disappointments and failures with each other. The much more experiences you share, regardless of whether good or poor, the much more stable the relationship will probably be…”


:: Regularly Compliment Your Partner

“…This could be a verbal compliment or a written note on the fridge or desk stating how lovely she is or how handsome he is these days. Even a nice hug or pat around the back again will show just how much you appreciate him/her…”


:: Discover To Forgive And Forget

“A straightforward idea to recollect but a very difficult thing to do particularly when each are angry and not within the mood. Lets face it, nobody is perfect. All of us have our faults and short comings. Your partner should not anticipate to become married to Mr. or Ms. Ideal and so should you. We should all discover not to discover the previous and never to keep score of favors or transgressions. By studying to forgive and forget about, you will maintain your heart and soul be peaceful with your self, and have a better temperament in life. Being at peace with your self sets you in a better place to solve what ever conflict you might have together with your partner.” ** Probably the MOST important piece of advice that I’ve heard and read**


If you like what you just read…check out the “newlywed section” at Marriage Advice Now.



As the old saying goes…”Happy Wife…Happy Life!”




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