Motivational Monday :: Get Motivated to Exercise

Happy Monday yall!! With the flowers blooming and the grass starting to get green, we are all reminded that Spring is here and that Summer is just around the corner…EKK…that means that beach season (ie bikini season) will be here before we know it!!  Who all just needs a few more months…mememememe!  Finding time to exercise is not always on the top of my priority list…so I thought these helpful tips could help!

Get Motivated to Exercise After a LONG Day at Work | 5 Tips (click the link to see full article)

1) Bring your workout clothes to work

2) Schedule your workouts

3) Take a class at your gym, or get a Gym Buddy

4) Create a Rule

5) Reward Yourself

Yall be sure to check in with to get more tips on healthy living and exercise!

Channeling Jessie Spano, Kelly Kapowski, and Lisa Turtle….”Put your mind to it, go for it…it down and break a sweat, rock and roll yooooooooooou ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”  Thanks girls!

Happy Exercising!


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