Flowers :: March

Happy March…Spring is in the air and wedding season is upon us!  We get asked all the time, “what are the best flowers for my wedding month”…we all have our favorite flowers, mine (Hall’s) being the Peony, which is readily available in late April, May and June!

March Wedding Flowers


March wedding flowers. This is a tricky one, if you are planning a wedding you have a choice you can make. You can go for the flowers that are available for winter and know that these flowers are going to be there for your wedding or else you can take a risk and go for spring flowers

March is a really popular time to get married, spring time is in the air, you see all the little cute shows of love, and the sun is out. This makes every day better than winter, the sun is out and people are happy. What a great idea to start out spring with a wedding. If you are looking for that time of year when people are ready to go outside and just enjoy talking with each other you will hit the buzz of it coming into March.

Some March wedding flowers that are available are: Allium, Bird of Paradise, Blue Lace, Calla Lilies, Cherry Flowering Branch, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Delphinium, Forsynthia, Heather, Lilies, Lysmachia, Phlox, Protea, Ranunculus, Roses, SweetPea, Tulip, Viburnum, and Waxflower.

These are some beautiful flowers for weddings. The only trick is to know how to put them together. Also, There are those March wedding flowers which are available in the winter. Don’t cut those flowers short, you may wonder what type of wedding flowers are alive during winter, but there are actually extravagantly beautiful selections that are left over from the winter.

This may not seem like a big deal, but you do want to double check, and triple check that the wedding doesn’t land on St. Patrick’s day. It really doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless you look at all the things that could go wrong just because you planned it on this day. It just isn’t worth the risk of getting some drunkards in the wedding just because you planned your wedding on the wrong day.

If your wedding anniversary lands on St. Patrick’s day that is fine, then it is all fun and games and can create quite the anniversary, but don’t risk your wedding, just avoid this day when you are planning.

Also, along the lines of St. Patrick’s day, comes your March wedding flowers. This can be quite the refresher for people from all the green this month if you have the right colors at your wedding. Make sure you give people this refresher, by keeping the wedding formal and giving them a break from all the green they have been seeing this month.

The most important thing is to keep that “love” in the air at the wedding, let the bride feel as though she is in a fairy tale and no one cares about anything else but her. With march there is great potential to set the reception hall, and the wedding ceremony to seem as though everyone has slipped into a fairy tale, don’t lose sight of what the bride wants when planning a wedding. There are great things that can happen during march, the best of them all are weddings that are held during this month. Remember March wedding flowers has the potential from both seasons spring and winter, use this to your advantage.

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What’s your favorite flower?





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