Motivational Monday :: The Magic of Thinking Thin



I hope that yall had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice Spring like weather! Last week, we introduced you to Meredith Campbell….here is the first of many “Motivational Monday” installments!






We all know that there is no magic pill, or special potion that will make us lose weight, just a good old healthy diet and regular exercise.  But when it comes to the stresses of planning a wedding, your state of mind could be holding you back from your ultimate fitness goals.  When we are stressed, thinking negatively or even dealing with family pressures, there is always going to be something in the way of eating healthy and exercising regularly.


Just with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, this takes time adjusting as well.  Here are some tips to get you to your mind thinking healthier, smarter, and thinner!


1. Think thin!  Visualize yourself at your happiest weight, in your wedding dress and after that.  Think about how you will feel, and if you have older pictures of you smaller, take them out!  Think back to how you have changed certain habits which may have led you to gain weight.  Think of how you can incorporate your healthy habits back into your lifestyle again, for good!


2. Create a list of small things you can be doing every day.  Example:  Exercise for 30 mins, replace chips and other starchy snack foods with a serving of veggies or fruit, replace your soda or glass of wine with a glass of H20 with lemon.  Remember EVERYTHING in moderation!


3. Be nice to yourself!  You owe it to the people around you who you love.  When you are nice to yourself, you are a better person to be around!  Reward yourself for following your fitness plan and staying on track with your nutritional goals, by a trip to the movies, or a mani/pedi!


4. Distract yourself from cravings!  When you are craving something sweet or unhealthy, have a glass of water, read a book, go for a walk, organize your closet or better yet pop in an exercise DVD!  Next time a craving comes up, do a few things on your list.  Craving pass 100% of the time!


5. Surround yourself with support!  Get your family, friends, and most importantly your soon to be husband involved with your new goals for a healthier lifestyle.  You will have support all around you even when things get tough.  And you know what they say, “Those who run together stay together.”


Now, go out there and fill your mind with positive thoughts!


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