Introducing Meredith Campbell


We are so happy to announce an honorary member of Hall & Webb, Meredith Campbell!  Meredith will be offering advice on healthy living, exercise, nutrition and much more!


Meet Meredith ::




I am a a dance/fitness instructor in the Queen City. I have a passion for dance and fitness which keeps me in shape. I grew up a dancer so was always active but never had the typically “dancer” body, instead struggled to accept my curvy figure. After traveling in Australia and Asia during college, I moved to South Carolina to pursue a degree in Arts Management with a focus on Dance. This is when it hit me that I had to do more than just take a dance class here and there, but I had to watch what I ate and how I trained my body. It wasn’t until I found Turbo Jam when I fell
in LOVE with working out! The music, the moves, and the party atmosphere attracted me to this workout. I began to enjoy going to the gym, especially on days when I could take group exercise classes like Turbo Kick and PiYo. A
healthy lifestyle with well balanced meals and lots of fresh veggies finally became a priority in my eating habits. I could focus my energy on things that I loved to do such as dance and choreograph! During a fitness class one day, the instructor pulled me aside and asked me to attend a Master Turbo Kick class with her, and it changed my life! I now am certified to teach Turbo Kick and PiYo as well as many other formats of Group Fitness Classes. I am also an Area Promotions Director and Presenter for Powder Blue Productions, so I certify other instructors and pay forward what I have learned.


I can combine my love and passion of dance with working out and helping others achieve their goals. I love my job, my life and the people who have helped motivate me to think bigger and be a better person. I am here to share my love, passion and healthy living with the world!


Meredith will be running a Motivational Monday advice column on our blog…so be sure to check back in on Mondays!


In the mean time, please feel free to catch up with her!


Contact Info ::



Follow her on Twitter:  @meredithroy


Charlotte Class schedule ::

Monday – Turbo Kick 6:45-7:45 PM at the  Gateway Village YMCA

Thursday –  PiYo 7:30-8:30 PM at the Dowd YMCA

Friday – Turbo Kick 9:30-10:15 AM at the Dowd YMCA

Friday – Turbo Kick 12:00-12:45 at the Harris Express YMCA




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