Vendor Spotlight :: Split Second Sound


Happy Monday yall!  We wanted to start off our Monday with a great “Vendor Spotlight”.  Split Second Sound is our first call when our clients  are looking for a DJ. “They provide MC/DJs for wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, college fraternity &  sorority parties and Sweet 16 parties.  With over 25 years’ experience, Split Second Sound provides the perfect entertainment for any occasion from an interactive Northern style party to a classy Southern style wedding.”  Vinny Esposito and his team are always ready to make a wedding or an event a huge success!




Vinny Esposito, the founder and president of Split Second Sound, has been providing music and entertainment as a professional DJ/MC and musician for over 27 years. Performing for the first time at a July 4th party on Long Island in 1981, Vinny worked hard to became one of the most popular DJs in New York. Along with being a DJ, he played guitar and keyboards in regional bands, Vinny owned a 24 track digital recording studio called Split Decision that also had 4 room fully equipped rehearsal studio and 9 monthly band rental rooms, a mobile sound company.


Vinny and his wife Diane moved Split Second Sound (Split Second being the 2nd Split business they had) to Charlotte in 1999 and quickly established their company as the premier DJ company in the area. In 2002, Split had 3 DJ’s on staff. Now, in 2009, it employs over 25 of the most talented and best paid MC/DJ Entertainers in the business.


The reason for the rapid growth of Split Second Sound is “years of experience catering to the exact needs of clients, along with a friendly and positive attitude,” states Vinny. “We love what we’re doing and we pass that passion and enthusiasm on when we perform. With Diane running the office (that now has a staff of 3) and Vinny as the lead DJ out with his crew of entertainers, Split has grown every year by at least 15% since moving to the Carolina’s.


Split Second Sounds embodies family and values and all its DJ’s are a part of a family team. “No egos, just fun parties because if we don’t have fun, they’re not having fun” says Vinny. “A group mindset to provide the best product, based on what the client wants, not a cookie cutter performance, designed to exceed everyone’s expectations every time”.


How long have you been in the music industry and what made you get into it?


27 years ago I was a playing 2 or 3 different sports when I was younger and injuries forced me to find something else to do with my time. Walking by a house party where a band was playing Van Halen made me want to get a guitar. Had a band, then did a DJ job when they wanted my band to play, got a referral from that and the music career just never stopped.


Do you have any hidden musical talents?


Played guitar, some keyboards, writing songs and played in popular band in NY for many years and had the pleasure of being in a band with my wife. I actually wrote and recorded our wedding song and we performed it live for our first dance with the band. I’ve recorded over 500 different artists in my time and probably produced/mixed live sound for over a 1000 live shows.


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing professionally?


Owning a business of some sort. I hope to do public speaking and teaching some day so maybe I would be doing that. I love to motivate people, not just rah rah stuff but more making them better people.


What are the 3 top trends you have seen in the past year that is different from previous years?


1st, nobody wants the same wedding and especially not the cookie cutter wedding reception. They want people to remember it so more and more I see the personal stamp on events. 2nd, Music trends are so different now because families are of mixed culture, backgrounds, race and especially musical taste. We have to be very diverse and our DJ’s have to know the little ins and outs of those differences. 3rd, Brides and grooms are being smarter with their money. They will pay for a quality service (no matter music, planner, flowers, etc) if they feel the service has a value or enhances the value of their overall event. They’re not just throwing their money around but they are not being cheap.


What would you tell a younger you who was just starting out in this business?


Reputation is everything. If you do right with everything you do and with everybody, you will never go wrong in the long run. People like to do business with good people who happen to be good at what they do. It is so important to hire good people around you, not just based on talent. You can teach or train someone to be better at something but you can not make a person a better human being. Moral and ethically good people is a must. I would also add there is no easy way to be successful except hard work. You get what you put in and sometimes it takes a long time to reap those benefits.


What are 3 favorite things in life that you couldn’t live without?


My wife and kids, faith and my reputation as a good person/businessman.


If you could do this anywhere in the world (other than Charlotte) were would it be and why?


If I asked my wife and kids, they would say the beach so I don’t care, I work to provide and make them happy, but I really love Charlotte.


Split Second Sound



If you’re looking for a DJ service…call Split Second Sound and tell ’em that Hall & Webb sent you!





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