Happy Couple :: Candice & Mike


With all of this snow ice outside…we’re certainly looking forward to Spring and working with Candice & Mike!


All About Candice

Candice grew up with her two great sisters in Vienna, Virginia and after four years with awesome friends at Georgetown Visitation, went off to nursing school at the University of Virginia.  After many early morning clinicals, Bodos bagels, and endless hours of fun with friends and time in the library, Candice finally graduated and wanted to go somewhere new. She (and Ziggy!) ended up in Charlotte, North Carolina with a job at Presbyterian Hospital. She has been working as a Labor & Delivery nurse for the past three and a half years, and despite many crazy days, loves her job and being a part of so many special days.  Somewhere along the way she became the luckiest girl in the world and ended up finding the man of her dreams.  Now she is ready to live happily ever after!


All About Mike

Mike grew up in Marietta, GA with his parents and his younger sister Betsy.  In the early years Mike was very active in sports, playing soccer, football, tennis, basketball, and baseball.  He also developed his “business” skills by slinging Sally Foster wrapping paper and helping out with events that his family was involved in.  After middle school Mike decided to go to St. Pius X HS in Atlanta.  His reason was to to play soccer, however his family wanted him to get a good catholic education.  After HS Mike had to make a decision whether to play soccer at a small school or follow his father and attend Clemson University.  I think everyone knows what decision he made!!!  While in college Mike joined the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and made some of his best friends.  He also was involved in student government and worked for the athletic department.  Mike graduated with a B.S. in Financial Management and was recruited to work in Charlotte.  After a few years with that company Mike left, got in the financial services industry, and found his lifetime career.  Mike currently works for Dixon Wells as a brokerage representative and plans to be there for a long time.  Mike has now been in Charlotte for five years and claims it as his home.  The main reason for this is not only because of the great city, but he will remember it forever as the place he met his best friend and the love of his life.


How we met…

One cold December night, Mike joined his friends on Charlotte’s infamous annual Santa Bar Crawl.  Candice was lucky to have her good friend Erica in town visiting, and together with Candice’s roommate Sarah, the girls hit the town for a big night out.  Of course, the group of girls ended up at Ri Ra, Candice’s favorite bar in Uptown Charlotte. Coincidentally, Ri Ra happened to be Mike’s favorite watering hole as well, and was able to convince his friends, after 10 hours of pub crawling, to conclude the night there.  Candice, Erica, and Sarah were breaking it down on the dance floor (as they always do), when suddenly Candice was approached by a stranger dressed in a tacky Christmas sweater and Santa hat.  At the time, Candice was having so much fun with her girls that the last thing she was interested in was being chatted up by a man on the dance floor.  After politely refusing a drink, Candice rejoined her group of friends and continued busting a move.  Luckily for Candice, Mike does not lack confidence (and may have been further encouraged by the previous ten hours of imbibing) and continued in his pursuit of Candice on the dance floor. Candice was a sucker for Mike’s suave line, “You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen” (which was obviously the truth as Candice was the recipient of the “Best Smile” superlative in 8th grade) and agreed to let Mike get her a drink at the bar, but it had to be water.  Mike was not the least bit discouraged by Candice’s lack of enthusiasm for another alcoholic beverage, and the two struck up a conversation while waiting to get a water.  As the night was coming to an end, Mike was able to get her phone number.  After a few months of phone calls between “Candice Ri Ra” (as she was listed in Mike’s phone) and “Sweater Mike” (as he was saved in hers), the two finally went on a real date and as they say, the rest is history.


The Big Moment

We were incredibily lucky to spend Candice’s 24th birthday at Litchfield Beach with the Littles, and had plans to have a birthday dinner celebration for Candice with Andrea and Roy,on Friday night.  After coming up from the beach, Candice jumped in the shower and started to get ready for dinner.  Mike told Candice he was going to run to the store to buy a bottle of whiskey for Roy as a thank you gift, and instructed Candice to be ready for their dinner reservation by 7:00.  Candice was able to get ready for dinner quickly and was outside playing with the girls when Mike returned.  When Peyton invited Candice inside to play checkers Candice thought nothing of it, so she and Ziggy went inside while she was waiting for the babysitter to arrive and for it to be time to leave.  A few minutes after going inside, Mike told Candice he was going to take Ziggy outside to go potty before they left. Candice thought that this was a little weird (since Ziggy had just been outside all day!) but who could argue with a sweet boyfriend for wanting to take care of the dog? A couple of minutes later, Candice’s phone rang to Mike’s familiar ring tone and when she answered, Mike told her to hurry down to the beach because Ziggy had run off after another dog and he needed help catching him.  This is the moment when Candice became suspicious since Ziggy is the best dog in the world and would never run off. As Candice made her way down to the beach, she was nervous and excited for what would be waiting for her when she arrived.  On the stairs up the boardwalk there was an orange lily (Candice’s favorite flower), and as Candice walked up the steps, she saw the perfect scene waiting for her on the beach.  Mike and Ziggy were there waiting with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Mike was filled with wonderful words and suddenly he dropped down on one knee and asked the question Candice had been anxiously awaiting , “Will you marry me?” Of course she said yes! The entire moment was caught on camera thanks to Andrea hiding under the boardwalk, and they rushed off the beach to call friends and family just as a torrential downpour began. Is that as lucky as rain on your wedding day?



The fabulous Critsey Rowe is shooting their wedding…here are a few of their beautiful engagement session pictures.



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