12 Days of Christmas :: Creative Wrapping


Your house is decorated beautifully, the tree is trimmed and if your any thing like us, your gifts are still being wrapped!  Keep the festiveness of the Holidays even under the tree!  We’d like to share with you some unique creative wrapping ideas.



Read, Wrap Recycle: Make Bows from Magazines

Read, Wrap Recycle: Make Bows from Magazines


Paper bags, old newspapers, fabric scraps — you’re probably already using them for eco-friendly gift wrap. But did you know you could create beautiful bows from the pages of our magazine?


You’ll need a page per bow (best if mostly one color) and some double-sided tape.


Cut the page lengthwise into nine 3/4-inch-thick strips of heights shown:  Three at 11 inches, three at 10 inches, two at 9 inches, and one at 3 1/2 inches.


Twist each strip to form loops at both ends. Make a circle out of the smallest.


Secure the ends with a piece of double-sided tape.


Layer and stick, starting with the longest strips. End with the circle in the center.

bd0607_summer1.jpg bd0607_summer1.jpg bd0607_summer1.jpg



Recycled-Paper Good-Wish Cards


1. Cut recycled holiday cards or cereal boxes into small rectangles.

2. Punch a hole in one end.

3. If both sides are blank, stamp one side with a holiday print.

4. For the other side, invite guests and family to write notes of thanks and hope



Light Touch

Accent packages with colorful Christmas tree light-bulbs.  How to:  Hot-glue six bulbs together to form a star shape, then fasten the bauble to a length of ribbon with double-stick tape.  Glowing smiles guaranteed.




Think outside the white cardboard box


Pick up colorful, inexpensive containers from stores like Pier 1, or use Chinese-takeout cartons from a party store (perfect for cookies and candy), tea towels or scarves (ideal for wine bottles and other odd-shaped offerings), and ID-badge sleeves (fun holders for gift cards). “You don’t need wrapping paper if you have pretty fabric or containers.”




2 Gifts in 1

Everyone loves giving and getting wine for the holiday. Wrapping a wine bottle in a festive tea towel is a great way to give a gift.  Tie with a ribbon or raffia for a more natural look.



What are some creative ways that you’ve wrapped your gifts?






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