12 Days of Christmas :: Secret Santa Gifts


Ahh…the dreaded Secret Santa gifts…don’t you just love them?!  It seems that every time that I’m apart of a “Secret Santa Gift Exchange” I get the short end of the stick!  It’s either something that has been re-gifted 10 times or something that goes straight to Goodwill, package unopened.  We are here to help you, be the BEST Secret Santa you can be!


For someone at work…

ziploc glass bags!

Keep in the freshness with a glass Ziploc, a neat alternative to a humdrum bowl or piggy bank.

Available at aandgmerch.com, $29


Someone who likes gadgets…

royal vkb nutcracker!


Shell out a few for the Royal VKB nutcracker. The Scandinavian contraption keeps the mess to a minimum and opens large and small varietals with ease. It’s a real crack-up.

Available at plasticashop.com, $25


The Game Player…

tiffany playing cards!


Winner takes all with a deck of cards from Tiffany & Co. Gather some sharks and make the stakes high. Then put on your best poker face.

Available at tiffany.com, $30


The Party Hostess…


Pop’s Staches – plastic bottle tops that are ostensibly used to differentiate one person’s drink from another, but really just make you look like you have a mustache whenever your sip your beverage. You can get an 8-pack of assorted Pop’s staches on Amazon.com for $10.



Okay…so you’ve run out of time, how about a gift card?!


Secret Santas who rely on gift cards may appear to be lacking in holiday spirit, so if you fall back on this old standby, make sure to let your thoughtfulness shine through. Personalize cards with photos or choose one from your recipient’s favorite specialty store. Some cards even give back to charities.



Now your turn…what’s the BEST or WORST Secret Santa Gift you’ve received?












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