12 Days of Christmas :: Gifts for Him


Raise your hand if you have all your Christmas presents bought, wrapped and under the tree?!  OK…so some of you are good; however, if you are still on the hunt for that “perfect gift” we have some suggestions for you.  Today, we are going to start Hall & Webb’s 12 days of Christmas with Gifts for Him.


Athletic Guy:


Nike + iPod Sport Kit (Transmitter, $30; 2gb iPod Nano, $150; Air Zoom Moire Nike shoes, $100.00)


This is just about the coolest gift you can buy for an athletic-minded guy. The Apple chip fits into the sole of the Nike running shoe, keeping track of the runner’s pace, his distance run, as well as a record of all the times and distances he’s logged in months past.


Burton Gore-Tex Mitt ($64.95)

Burton GORE-TEX® Mitt


It’s not enough to snowboard well these days you need to look cool while doing so. These camouflage Gore-Tex mitts are super warm, come with liners and air vents and have great rubber-palmed grips.



The Tool Guy:


Black & Decker “Alligator Lopper” ($100)


The biggest, baddest, meanest power tool on the market.  Perfect for taking down branches and shrubs.  It’s like scissors on steroids!  I mean, come on…what guys doesn’t love his toys!


Guy on the Go:


Jack Spade Canvas Bags ($195)

Guys are forever in search of a cool bag they can take to work with them.  They don’t want a backpack and they don’t want a dreaded “man bag”.  They want one that is iconic, understated, masculine…this bag is perfect with jeans or a suit.


A Guys Stocking Stuffer:


Zirh Shave Cream ($29.99)


Sometimes the best gifts are the ones a man would never buy for himself — no matter how badly he needs something. And one thing pretty much every man needs is a top-notch shaving cream. Zirh makes one of the best for the money — it prevents nicks and razor burn, doesn’t get too foamy, and is specifically designed to take care of the toughest hair. WINNER — Men’s Health Grooming Awards voted ZIRH SHAVE CREAM the 2009 Winner in the BEST SHAVE Category.


A Whiskey Lover


Makers 46


The first new product from Maker’s Mark in five decades, is different enough without being too different. Based on the original recipe, this offshoot whiskey is bolder, slightly spicier, and a little more interesting. It sounds blasphemous, but it might even be better than the real thing.



So, what do you think…will your guy like any of these gift ideas?






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