Two for Tuesday (late edition) :: Homemade Pizza


Are yall feeling it…the “everyday feels like Monday” this week?!  We are still in shock that today is the first day of December!  In the midst of “feeling like Monday” it was actually Tuesday and we forgot to post…


A real simple (and inexpensive) way to enjoy a night in…Homemade Pizza!

We found all that we needed at Trader Joe’s (even the wine!)


:: (1) Bag of Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza dough…comes ready to go, just follow the instructions on bag

:: All the “fixin’s” you like, we had some grated mozzarella, crumbed in some good goat cheese, pepperoni and TJ’s pizza sauce (so good!)

:: We cooked the pizza in a 400 degree over for about 20 min, or until the edges were a nice golden brown and all of the cheese was melted on top.


Sure, you could order a pizza…but this way you can 1. control the calories   2. have fun with your girlfriends/kids/husband money!  It’s easy, simple and homemade!


Drum-roll please…the finished product… straight from “Hall’s” kitchen!



How do you like your pizza?



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