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I love pretty polished fingernails and manicures just like everyone else; however, I DO NOT like when my pretty polished fingernails chip just after a few days.  Well ladies (and gentlemen) I have the answer…Axxium by OPI, have you heard of it…I hadn’t until Julie, a good friend of Hall & Webb, filled us in.   Although they don’t carry every crazy named color that OPI has, they do have the staples…like my all time personal fav ‘bubble bath’.  The best thing about Axxium is that it doesn’t damage your nails like acrylics do.


Here’s what they’re saying…


From Beautygeek Like standard gel nails, Axxium is an odourless gel applied with a small brush to a lightly pre-roughened natural nail surface, and requires two minutes in a UV light box to set or cure each layer. After base times two, colour and a non soak-off top coat and the last two minutes under the 9-watt UV bulbs, nails are completely dry and able to withstand a lengthy purse-rummage for your car keys…

(picture taken after 4 weeks!)


From Style Hive The difference is that these gels are thinner than their early counterparts and are pliable as regular polish, therefore look more natural and real. They also form a bond to the nail after being set with a UV light and can be painted over with regular polish if you want to change it up! They last up to 3 weeks chip free and require just a touch-up fill after that. They are easily removed by soaking the nails in an acetone-based solvent for 15 minutes and are a favorite for busy celebrities like Beyonce!



In Charlotte, we are finding that nail salons are charging anywhere from $25 – $40…and I’m not sure if that includes the “whole manicure” or just the paint color itself.  Here are a few salon’s around town that have this service…check it out!

Savvy Salon and Day Spa

Aloha Nails

Beautiful Nail & Spa

Modern Spa & Salon

Polished – they offer a similar service, but it’s not the brand “Axxium”


Just in time for the Holidays…can’t wait to try it out!!  Let us know what you think!




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