Setting your table :: Thanksgiving Edition


Can you believe that we are a week away from Thanksgiving??  I feel like November has gone by in a blink of an eye! This Thanksgiving, we are hosting everyone at our house again (this is ‘the Hall‘ writing)….all 17 people!  I’ve started preparing yesterday, by buying a 20 lb turkey…and have decided to wait to get the rest of the ‘fixin’s until early next week.  Of course when I say ‘fixin’s I’m only doing the turkey, dressing, rice and gravy…everyone else is bringing a dish too!


My main focus (right now) is…my Thanksgiving decor!  Last year, we went for more of a traditional approach, by setting up my beautiful Christmas china, with a crisp white linen, beautiful flowers and candles…this year, I think that I want to go more fall look.


Here are some great table inspirations…


Eddie Ross – if yall don’t follow his blog, you should!  He has wonderful interior ideas, table decor etc.




Here are a few other pictures I’ve found via google…



1. My Cottage Bliss 2. Glamnest Blog 3. The Kitchn 4. HGTV 5. Julie Blanner




How are you “setting your table” for Thanksgiving??


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