Bridesmaids Dress

So Ladies…we know that you’ve got them hanging in your closet and you “think” that one day you may rewear them…keep dreaming! Why is it so hard to part with our old Bridesmaids Dresses (BMD for short)?!

Over the years, I’ve heard of great ideas of “WHAT TO DO” with those BMD…what’s that you ask, why haven’t I heeded my own advice…well maybe I should!

If you aren’t the craftiest person in the world you could always donate your dress!  Here in Charlotte Ace and TJ (a local morning radio show) has “Gown Town” every year. They ask their listeners to donate their old cocktail dresses, old prom dresses and yep, you guessed it…your old BMD.  Not only does this allow young girls the opportunity to buy a great dress at a discount price, but this helps to raise money for their charity, Grin Kids.

So if you’re anything like us, you have LOTS of girlfriends having little ones…why not make them a sweet pillow…out of the BMD you wore in their wedding. (watch out ladies…the sewing machine is out!)

Or if you’re really good, you could try making a Christmas Tree skirt…

The Today Show had some really ready ideas too!

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What have you done with your old BMD(es)?


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