Facebook, Twitter and Texting are the norm these days on how we receive and send good news.  Why not surprise your close family and friends with a fun creative way to tell them “you’re engaged!”

With a Picture:

With something Sweet:

Hershey’s offers a great way to tell your family and friends…and who doesn’t like chocolate!

Throw a Party:

Why not invite your family and friends over to a back yard BBQ and announce the big news to everyone!  You can pop the champagne and show off your new ring!

Create a Wedding Website:

What a great way to share your photos, your special engagement story and update your guests with the details of your upcoming wedding. The knot.com offers a free website; however, if you want to get more custom you can choose a website such as ewedding.com.

With a Video:

A great way to capture your special moment, let’s admit it…who really remembers what he said or what she said…you’re just too excited!  Everyone always wants to know “how it happened” why not show them!

What’s a creative way that you’ve told people that you’re engaged?


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